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Collectible brass rings handmade in Portland, Oregon

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Hilary and Butter Brass

The Artist

Hilary Contolini is a Portland-based metalsmith and jeweler in business since 2007.

The Rings

100% brass rings with 24 unique designs. Safe for sensitive skin.

Butter Brass ring variants

The Demand

She has sold over 12,000 rings at boutiques and events across Oregon. She is now ready to expand beyond Oregon.

Butter Brass craft fair

The Reception

With a clean aesthetic and low price point, Butter Brass rings are a popular impulse buy.

Butter Brass rings




You pay $5/ring

MOQ 100 rings


MSRP $10-15/ring

Many boutiques charge up to $20


MOQ 100

Smaller orders can be made at my Faire shop.

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Each pack of five rings costs $25 and comes w/ two size 6 rings, two size 7 rings and one size 8 ring.

FREE ring boxes with your order.

Have a question? Want to order specific sizes? Send an email to [email protected] with your order and I'll respond right away.

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    Each pack of rings comes w/ five rings: two size 6, two size 7 and one size 8.

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    Questions? Prefer to order over email or phone? Email me at [email protected] or call me at 503-444-9091. My studio is at Ghost Mountain Artist Collective, see address below.